Why Water Rafting Trips Are Important To One’s Well-Being

While water rafting is physical and appears quite dangerous, it is one of the best sports out there that benefits us in so many ways. Most people go water rafting trips just to have some good time and get to experience the fun of going against nature.  Water rafting creates unforgettable memories as you navigate your way through calm to wild waters.

There is a lot we can benefit from water rafting making it such an important activity. The adrenaline boost is one of those few things you will never forget as you ride down a wild moving stream of water.  Water rafting is quite adventurous and might change your opinion about nature if you’ve never experienced it.

Here are some top benefits of water rafting:

Water rafting satiates the thirst for adventure

Water rafting can help satiate your thirst for adventures as most water rafting adventures are done in scenic locations. If you always want to adventure several parts of the world, water rafting can give you a complete package of outdoor sceneries at once.  The chosen rafting location will open your mind as you experience good surroundings. You will end up having a new perspective on exploration.

Reduces stress

Rafting is one of the best ways to escape from the realities of life. It is a great way to escape the stress and get to enjoy the nature.  The calmness of the waters and nature will relax your mind and give you peace of mind. You will leave all your worries behind for some time and get to enjoy what nature has to offer. The heavy paddling and exercises when fighting the wild waters will further exude your stress.

Water rafting strengthens muscles through paddling

While water rafting is a fun activity to do, the engaging physical activities involved will exercise your body and build strong muscles. This is one of the best ways to exercise, lose weight and build muscles while enjoying.  Paddling tones your arm, back and shoulder muscles as you fight the current of the rivers. Muscle strength usually improves as you continue fighting the currents. This is one of the best ways to work out your body without feeling the strain.

You get to enjoy the fresh air outdoors

Water rafting is one of the best ways to escape the city and indoor environment as you soak up the sun and enjoy the fresh air in nature. Various studies have shown the health benefits of exercising outdoors as opposed to indoors.  A deep breath of fresh air is all we need to relax our mind and live a healthy lifestyle.

You get to enjoy the adrenaline rush

You’re certain to experience an adrenaline rush when water rafting in wild waters. An adrenaline rush comes ones in a while and is one of those few things you need to enjoy. The rush makes you focus and creates a feeling of excitement as you fight the strong water currents.

Creates a family bonding opportunity

Water rafting is a team event something that makes it beneficial in uniting families and friends. You must work together if you’re to have a successful trip in wild waters. This is a great adventure to enjoy as a family. In fact, most water rafting events happen during the summer when schools have closed, and families are together.  This is the ideal event to put your skills together as a family and work your way through the harsh waters.  It is a good distraction from the modern technology devices that take most of our time.

Apart from bonding families, water rafting is ideal for building teamwork among work waters and friends. You’ve probably seen work mates head for a rafting trip sponsored by the employer.  You get to learn about one’s strengths and weakness. Discipline, leadership skills, and teamwork are crucial things that water rafting can help build among friends.  Communication during rafting ensures every member is on the same page.  These skills can be used in life when back from the rafting trip.

 Top Reasons To Go Whitewater Rafting This Spring

When most people hear water rafting, summer is the only thing that comes to their mind. Well, you will be surprised to know that summer is not the best time for water rafting.  This is a time when the weather is hot, and most people are outdoors. The rivers are usually crowded are you’re unlikely to have a lot of fun.

Spring is one of the best periods of the year to enjoy water rafting adventures with friends and family. This article will explain in detail why you must try whitewater rafting this coming spring.

You get to spend more time on the rivers

Well, more time on the river simply more fun.  During the spring period, there is no rush on the river, and you can take two trips. An extra trip will simply translate to a more personal experience where you get to have a lot of fun. You can even set a camp nearby and not worry about people passing there as there are few people during this period.

You will not feel the urge to leave the waters for others as it happens during the summer.  Your desire for an outdoor adventure will surely be fulfilled by spending a lot of time in the rivers during spring.

Rivers are usually less crowded during spring

Only 10% of the people who go water rafting do so during the months of spring.  This means the rivers will be less crowded and you will have all the space to enjoy the waters.  The feeling that the river only belongs to you is quite exciting. This is a time to try new things in the water.

During this time, most families are waiting for schools to close before they can head out to have fun as a family. If you’re a couple without the burden of children, this is your time to enjoy the rafting to the fullest.

The days start warming up during spring

You’re just getting done with the snow and cold nights of winter. Spring is the time when the days are warming up, and there is no better feeling than getting out of the house at last. After spending the last few months indoors due to the cold winter weathers, the days are turning out warmer for you.  While the nights will be cold, days will be warm, and an adventure to the waters makes perfect sense.

You can carry with you splash jackets to keep the water out and retain body heat. You can gather all your supplies a day earlier and raft in the afternoon.

You get to meet river guides who are so happy to be back in the rivers

It is not just you who missed the outdoor adventures, the river guides too missed it and will be more than happy to guide you.  If it is your first time trying whitewater rafting, then spring is your ideal period.  The water guides are not only happy to help you but also free as rivers are less crowded.  You will have their full attention.

Most of these guides will not mind helping you out as they have also missed rafting.  This is the best time to practice your whitewater rafting skills before the rivers get crowded again. Those in competitions should also shake off the winter by taking a trip during the spring period.  The excitement with white water rafting is usually at the beginning of spring when everybody is ready to enjoy it. Towards summer, the excitement reduces as rivers become crowded.

Rafting trips will cost less during spring

Prices for whitewater rafting usually vary depending on the season and place. When you choose to raft during spring, you’re likely to save close to 25% as compared to summer when rafting is at the peak.  You can make considerable savings, especially when rafting in a group during spring.

You get to spend less but have more fun by spending a lot of time in the rivers.


Do not wait for summer to start your whitewater rafting experience when all the fun can be enjoyed in spring.  Make early preparations with your rafting buddies and get all the gears ready for spring. You will realize there is a lot more to see during spring than summer when everybody is in the rivers.



6 Essential White-water Rafting Safety Tips

River rafting can be like any other outdoors activity, while fun, it also has its share of dangers. And because of those dangers, there are a few essential safety tips that you will need to keep in mind when you go white-water rafting. While most white-water and river rafting tours are quite safe, it is still important to be prepared for anything. You can be better prepared if you just know a few safety procedures beforehand. Equipped with the right kind of safety knowledge, you should have a safety trip when you go river rafting in the great outdoors.


  1. Raft with a certified guide

To have the safest trip possible when you go river rafting, you should always hire a river rafting guide that has got the proper certification. When a river rafting guide has got the proper certification, you can rest assured in the knowledge that they have got the right training. This training includes things such as river safety, and even first-aid as well. You can also rest assured that they have got the proper equipment needed for a safe rafting trip as well.


  1. Always wear your safety equipment

Whenever you go river rafting, you are usually provided with goggles, helmets and a lifejacket as well. You should always wear this equipment when you go river rafting. Your safety depends on whether or not if you are going to keep this safety equipment on. If you do not wear this equipment, you could get injured or worse while river rafting.

  1. Stick with the group

While the river and the outdoors can be a big place, it is always a good idea to stick with your rafting group. Try not to get separated when you go on the river. Always keep close to the rest of the group, to not become separated from them. You should also avoid wandering when you are taking a break on the banks of the river. You could easily get lost if you wandered around. And it is always safe whenever you are with your group of people.


  1. Pay close attention to your guide

You should also listen to your guide and pay close attention to what they are saying. Your guide will dispense some very crucial information about the river. This information can include things such as the layout of the river and the location of stones. So it is quite important that you always pay attention to whatever your guide is telling the group.


  1. Grip the paddle properly

Grip your handle properly to ensure that it does not slip out of your grasp. This means that you should use a T-grip to hold your paddle. You should place one of your hands at the top of the handle of the paddle, and the other hand just at the bottom of the T-shaped handle.


  1. Do not panic

If you fall into the river or get lost while river rafting, do not panic. Panicking will only make the situation worse, and you will end up wasting precious time. If any situation occurs, try to remember the safety precautions of your guide and remember to follow them as well.

By following these safety tips when you go river rafting, you will have a much more fun time, not to mention a safer one as well. Rafting in the outdoors can be a like any other outdoors activity. However, if you just follow a few simple safety procedures, you should be able to reduce the chances of anything bad happening to you. Be sure to read through all of these safety tips, and always keep them in mind when you are out their rafting on the river.

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